• Signal Direction Finder

Name:Signal Direction Finder
Name:Direction Finder
DF Frequency:20-6000MHz
DF Method:correlation interferometer DF method/super-resolution array direction finding
Monitoring Frequency:20~6000MHz
Sensitivity:≤-110dBm(25kHz, low noise mode,SNR10dB)
Phase Noise:≤-100dBc/Hz@10kHz(1GHz test)
IF rejection:≥ 90dB
Working Tem:-20℃~60℃

Product Description


   (1)  DF specification

Frequency range: 20-6000MHz

Method: correlation interferometer DF method/super-resolution array direction finding


≤5°RMS(typical value,20 MHz~200MHz)

≤3°RMS(200 MHz~800MHz)  

≤2°RMS(800 MHz~6000MHz)

Residence time of mini signal:

≤2ms   (single burst signal, DF bandwidth≥500KHz)

≤0.2ms (Continuous burst signal, DF bandwidth≥500KHz)


≤15μν/m (10kHz bandwidth, ≤3°RMS, typical value, 30MHz~300MHz)

≤10μν/m (10kHz bandwidth,≤3°RMS, typical value, 300MHz~1.3GHz)

≤15μν/m (10kHz bandwidth,≤3°RMS, typical value, 1.3GHz~6GHz)

Max Isofrequency Signal Separation: 4

Typical value definition: over 70% of the test data meet the standard value.

(2) Monitoring Specification

Frequency:  20~6000MHz

Sensitivity: ≤-110dBm(25kHz, low noise mode,SNR=10dB)

Phase Noise: ≤-100dBc/Hz@10kHz(1GHz test)

IF rejection: ≥ 90dB

Image rejection: ≥ 90dB

Two order intercept point: ≥ 55dBm(Low distortion mode,△f=200MHz)

Third-order Intercept point: ≥ 20dBm(Low distortion mode, △f=4MHz)

≥ 40dBm(Low distortion mode,△f=60MHz)

      AGC dynamic range:110dB

Noise Figure: ≤12dB(Low noise mode)

Panorama scan: ≥ 18GHz/s(6.25kHzs stepping)

(3) System Specification

Waterproof:  ≥IP65

Working Tem.: -20℃~60℃

Power: ≤75W


This DF system is portable, easy to install, suitable for border, harbor, coast, airport, stations and urban areas where have complex electromagnetic environment and more co-frequency interference.

1. arbitrary switching on super-resolution array direction finding / correlation interferometer direction finding, direction finding and timeliness requirements of         the same frequency signal.

2. separating signals at the same frequency, strong anti-reflection and multi-path effects, and adapting to the urban environment.

3. DF frequency covers up to 6GHz.

4. With compact size, light weight, taking no more than 1 minute to install by one single person.

5. Vehicle-mounted direction finding by expanding accessories, without extra space occupied.

6. Integration of antenna array and monitoring direction finder.

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